Q1.What is the Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment?
A1.This is a system for foreign nationals who have participated in the National Pension or Employees’ Pension Insurance to have a portion of the insurance payments they have paid returned, without being discarded, when they return to their own countries before being qualified to receive payment.
Q2.What are the conditions for receiving the Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment?
A2.Those foreign nationals to whom the following four conditions apply may make an application within two years of leaving Japan.
  • They do not have Japanese nationality
  • They have participated in National Pension or Employees’ Pension Insurance for six months or more.
  • They do not have an address in Japan
  • They have never had the right to receive pension(including disability allowance)
Once you receive the Lump sum withdrawal payment, you shall be considered not to have been covered for the relevant period, so persons from the following countries that have social security agreements with Japan should take special care.
Social security agreement
As of January 2017, Japan has concluded pension portability agreements with Germany, the United Kingdom, Korea, America, Belgium, France, Canada, Australia, Holland, the Czech Republic (*), Spain, Ireland, Brazil, Switzerland, Hungary, and India. However, it should be noted that when persons from these countries receive Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payments, this period cannot be included within the amount. (*)As the current agreement is undergoing partial revision, this is currently under preparation.
Q3.How long does it take to receive the Lump Sum Withdrawal Payment after applying for it?
A3.It takes about 3-4 months. (The payment decision takes place once per month on the 15th)
Q4.What happens if there is a mistake in the Lump Sum Withdrawal Payment application?
A4.You will be sent a form from the Japan Pension Agency stating what the error is, so you can correct this and then submit again
Q5.How long will it take to receive an income tax refund after application?
A5.It takes approximately 1-2 months.
Q6.Can I do the income tax refund application myself?
A6.No, you cannot.
People who have left the country but wish to apply for an income tax refund must select somebody living in Japan as the Tax Payment Administrator.
Q7.What is the Tax Payment Administrator?
A7.This is the person to whom the tax-related proceedings are consigned as an agent.
The Tax Payment Administrator needs to reside in Japan and must be capable of carrying out the refund application procedures.
Q8.Can the Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment Application procedures be carried out before leaving the country.
A8.Yes, the application can be made as soon as the scheduled date for leaving the country is determined. In this case, documents, such as a copy of the Resident’s card describing the schedule for moving out of Japan, or a deleted residence record that can confirm that a moving-out notification has been submitted to the local city or ward needs to be attached to the application form as supporting documentation. Therefore, this should be sent so that it arrives at the Japan Pension Organization after the scheduled date of leaving Japan (moving-out notification date).
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