Simple and convenient! Providing strong support for pension lump-sum withdrawal payments


Service introduction

  • No need for a handwritten application! You can simply create the Lump sum withdrawal payment application form for pension yourself.
  • The refund application for withholding tax deducted at the time of the lump sum withdrawal payment application form should be left to the “Income tax refund application agency center”.

Five features

Enables one-stop performance of lump-sum withdrawal payment proceedings and income tax refund applications
The system takes you through the procedures step by step, so you can simply create the lump-sum withdrawal payment application form and prepare the necessary documentation
Through automation of the system and e-application, the time previously required for document creation and posting has been greatly cut! Your payment can also be made in a speedy way
4.Low price
Cost has been greatly cut with thorough labor-saving! The various functions in the application procedures can be used free of charge. The charges for the income tax refund application agency service can be achieved at low prices compared to other companies (from our investigation)
5.Peace of mind
The “Income tax refund application agency center” is managed by tax accountants who are professional in tax matters, so you can use it with peace of mind.
Please see here for details


Let’s try a simulation to see how much your lump sum withdrawal payment shall be!

1 Select the pension type

2 Enter the participation period


3 Enter the average monthly remuneration.

Your monthly annual remuneration is your annual remuneration including bonuses divided by 12 months.
Example) Annual salary 3,000,000 yen ÷12 months =250,000 yen



User registration is free of charge
※Each function, such as user registration and lump sum withdrawal payment application form printing,can be used free of charge.

Income tax refund application agency fee
9,800 JPY
※The refund application agency fee does not need to be paid in advance. We shall deduct the agency fee from the refund before remitting it

※Separate remittance commission of 2,000 yen (Bank remittance commission 1,000 yen + Overseas intermediary bank commission 1,000 yen) shall be deducted.
When transferring to a Japanese domestic bank, a commission of 262 yen shall be deducted

First, perform user registration

Enter your e-mail address, and press the“Proceed to user registration” button.
Be sure to check Personal information protection policyTerms of service at the time of user registration.