No need for a handwritten application! You can simply create the Lump sum withdrawal payment application form for pension yourself.

With the previous handwritten applications, the procedures for creating application forms and preparing the necessary documentation were somewhat troublesome. With “NENKIN Go”, the system takes you through it step by step so you can carry out the procedures easily by yourself. By entering the mandatory items of name, date of birth, address, pension number and bank account for the transfer etc., the lump sum withdrawal payment application form and tax administrator letter of attorney can be printed out. For other items, send them to the Japan Pension Agency in accordance with the guides for the necessary documents to complete procedures.

This has the following merits.

  • No need for a handwritten application! This can be entered and printed out from a smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Even if you make mistakes, you can amend and print out again multiple times.
  • What do you need to input? What kind of documentation is required? The system will take you through it step by step, so errors in the application form and returns (redoing) due to discrepancies in the material sent can be prevented in advance.
  • As you are not used to Japanese addresses, it is inconvenient to enter them. This is no problem! If you enter the postcode, this automatically looks up the address.
  • All of this can be used “free of charge”.

The refund application for withholding tax deducted at the time of the lump sum withdrawal payment application form should be left to the “Income tax refund application agency center”.

Tax is not deducted from National pension, but about 20% income tax is deducted and paid from Employees’ Pension Insurance. However, nearly everyone shall have this paid back on making a refund application. The “Income tax refund application agency center” will work as an agent for the ta administrator and refund application.

This has the following merits.

  • The refund application shall be made with the input information, so new procedures are not required.
  • As the payment determining notification is sent directly from the Japan Pension Service to the “Income tax refund application agency center”, the costs for sending to Japan, such as international post (EMS) may be cut.
  • The refund application agency fee does not need to be paid in advance. We shall deduct the agency fee from the refund before remitting it
  • You will be able to check the procedure progress up to the point you receive your refund, providing peace of mind.
    [Currently being registered] → [Registration is complete] → [Application documents have been printed] → [Submitted documents have been checked] → [Send complete] → [Payment determining notification] → [Refund application complete] → [Transfer notification has arrived] → [Transfer is confirmed] → [Remittance is complete]