This user agreement (hereafter “Agreement”) relates to the use of lump-sum withdrawal payment support services or income tax refund application agency services (hereafter “Services”) provided by Tomita Accounting Office (hereinafter referred to as "this office") on this website, and specifies items to which all registered users (hereafter “Users”) must conform. Those people using these Services as Users should be sure to read the full text of this Agreement before consenting to said Agreement.

Article 1 (Application)
This Agreement is applied to all relationships related to the use of Services between Users and Company.
Article 2 (Definitions)
The following terms used in Agreement shall have the meanings determined as follows.
  • “This website” refers to the website managed by us with the name “NENKIN Go” with the domain “”.
  • “User” refers to individuals registered as users of these services.
  • “Services” refers to the lump-sum withdrawal payment support services or income tax refund application agency services.
Article 3 (User registration)
People wishing to register should apply for user registration according to the method determined by Company, and user registration shall be complete upon Company approving such application.
Where Company judge that the following reasons exist in relation to the applicant registering for use, they may not approve the application for user registration, and shall bear absolutely no duty of disclosure in relation to this reason.
  • Where items containing falsehoods have been notified at the time of user registration
  • Where there is an application from a user contravening this Agreement
  • Other reasons judged by our company to be inappropriate for user registration.
Article 4 (User ID and password management)
The User shall manage the User ID and password for Services under their own responsibility.
User may not, for any reason, assign or loan the User ID and password to a third party. Company shall, when there is a login with a combination of user ID and password that match the registered information, view the use as being by the user registered with that User ID.
Article 5 (User fees and method of payment)
Users, as the price of using Services, shall pay the user fees displayed on this Website according to the method specified by Company.
Article 6 (Prohibited items)
The User shall not perform any of the following acts in the use of Services
  • Acts which contravene laws or public decency
  • Actions related to criminal acts
  • Acts that destroy or obstruct Server or network functions of Company
  • Actions for which there is a fear they may obstruct operation of Company Services
  • Acts involving the collection or accumulation of personal information related to other Users.
  • Actions impersonating other Users
  • Actions providing direct or indirect benefit to anti-social influences related to Company Services.
  • Other Actions judged by Company to be inappropriate
Article 7 (Stopping provision of this service etc.)
Where Company judges that any of the following items exist, they may suspend or discontinue all or some Services without notifying the Users in advance.
  • When performing a maintenance inspection or update to the computer system related to Services
  • Where there is force majeure related to earthquakes, lightning, fire damage, power cuts or acts of god, provision of Services is difficult
  • Where computer or communication lines are stopped due to an accident
  • Where for other reasons it is difficult to provide these services
Where Company, due to the stopping or discontinuance in providing Services, causes disadvantage or damage is caused to Users or third parties, they shall not bear any liability regardless of the reason.
Article 8 (User restrictions and cancelation of registration)
Company, in the following cases, without advance notification, may restrict all or part of Services for the Users or cancel their registration as Users.
  • Where any of the clauses in Agreement are breached.
  • Where the fact that some falsehoods have been included in the registration items is revealed
  • Other items for which Company consider are inappropriate in regard to use of Services
Where Company, through actions by Company based on these clauses, cause damage to Users they shall not bear any liability.
Article 9 (Disclaimer)
Company shall be exempted from responsibility for default unless it is due to intentional action or gross negligence of the company.
Even where there is liability for any reason, responsibility for liability shall only be within the normally occurring range of damages and scope of the price for Services.
Company, in relation to Services, shall not bear any responsibility for transactions, contacting or disputes between users and other users or third parties.
Article 10 (Changing service content etc.)
The Company may, without notifying the users, change the content of Services, or discontinue the provision of Services, and shall bear no liability for any damage occurring to users as a result of this.
Article 11 (Changing the User Agreement)
Company, where it is considered necessary, may change the Agreement at any time without notifying the users.
Article 12 (Notification or contact)
Notifications and contact between the Users and the Company shall be according to methods determined by us.
Article 13 (Prohibition on transferring rights and duties)
Users may not, without our prior written consent, assign their position under this user Agreement or any of the rights or duties based on this Agreement to a third party, or use the same as collateral.
Article 14 (Conforming laws and Court of jurisdiction)
The conforming law of this Agreement shall the law of Japan, and any disputes arising as a result of or related to this Agreement shall be settled in a Tokyo District Court of first exclusive jurisdiction.
Article 15 (Resolution through discussion)
Company and its registered Users, where there are items not stipulated in this Agreement or there are doubts about the interpretation of the Agreement, shall follow the principles of trust and sincerity, and resolve swiftly through discussion.

(Enacted June 1st 2017)

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